Bible for Life

In 1 Timothy 4:7 the Apostle Paul urges Timothy, (and all Christians, thereafter) to “train yourself for Godliness." God has given us the Bible as the source of divine truth, and it’s meant to be applied to our lives. Bible for Life classes are designed as a way to grow in Godliness by providing in-depth studies on topics related to theology, church history and practical living-- all with a view toward personal application. These classes are geared for anyone high school age and up.


Sign up Sunday mornings, contact Anita Padgett or email the teachers directly! 

Class Offerings

#1 Doctrine of God: In the Beginning, God… Brett Campbell (4 weeks)

What you believe about God will have an inescapable influence on your life. Is He a stern taskmaster out to rid the world of fun and excitement? Or is God a rich, old grandfather-type who just wants you to be happy as you reach your fullest potential? What does it mean to say that God is holy, sovereign, and transcendent? Does He really know what’s going on in your life…or care? Can you really know God? Why should you be confident in God as your refuge and strength? The Bible teaches that we were made by God and for God. To know God is to know the purpose of your life!

Join us as we open the Scriptures and attempt to gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of Who God is, how He interacts with those He has created, and why we are so dramatically affected when we center our lives on Him!

The class will meet in an upstairs classroom at The King’s Academy immediately after the service on the following Sundays: March 13, 20 and April 3, 10

#2 Job and the Cosmic Wager with Phil Friesen (6 weeks)

We all know that the book of Job is about suffering. In fact, the book of Job is arguably the most well known record in history of one person’s intense afflictions. But unlike any other account, the book of Job pulls back the curtain on the throne room of heaven to give us a glimpse of what is going on invisibly behind our earthly sufferings.

Our study of this biblical masterpiece will enable us to formulate wiser and more God-honoring answers to questions such as:

• How should we respond to suffering?
• Where is God in our adversities?
• How do we counsel others who are experiencing difficult trials?
• What, ultimately, is at stake in our afflictions and adversities?

Join us for this faith-enriching journey as we read and discuss the book of Job. Together we will gain a clearer view of how much God is to be treasured and trusted—even in the midst of horrific suffering!

The class will meet in an upstairs classroom at The King’s Academy immediately after the service (11:30) on the following Sundays: March 6, 13, 20 and April 3, 10


#3 Six Steps to Reading Your Bible (Book $7) with Brian Schlosser (6 weeks)

Whatever your current Bible reading habits (or lack of them), and whatever your level of knowledge and confidence, Six Steps to Reading Your Bible will help you make progress in getting into your Bible. The course is especially designed for use in small groups, and utilizes a mix of video instruction, Bible study, discussion, practical exercises, prayer and assignments. Over the six sessions of the course, you will:

• Become familiar with the basic shape and nature of the Bible
• Be motivated to read the Bible for yourself
• Learn how to apply basic reading skills to the Bible
• Learn how to apply a Bible passage to your life
• Understand how the whole message of the Bible hangs together and centers on Jesus
• Benefit from the encouragement and experience of others as you work together in learning to read the Bible

Class size is limited to eight (8) participants.

The class will meet in Brian and Ronda Schlosser’s home, 2174 Summerchase Drive in Woodstock for six (6) weeks immediately after the service on the following Sundays: March 6, 13, 20, and April 3, 10, 17 (skipping Easter).