Staying Sharp

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1. Our Need for Biblical Fellowship

“The reality of spiritual blindness has important implications for the Christian community. I need you in order to really see and know myself. Otherwise, I will listen to my own arguments, believe my own lies, and buy into my own delusions. My self-perception is as accurate as a carnival mirror. If I am going to see myself clearly, I need you to hold the mirror of God’s Word in front of me.” — Paul Tripp

2. Understanding Biblical Fellowship

“(Fellowship is) a sharing with our fellow-believers the things that God has made known to us about himself, in hope that we may thus help to know him better and so enrich their fellowship with him. Fellowship is, secondly, a seeking to share what God has made know of himself to others, as a means to finding strength, refreshment, and instruction for one’s own soul.” — J.I. Packer

3. Pursuing Biblical Fellowship

“Steel, whetted against a knife, sharpens the edge. So the collision of different minds whets the edge of the other.” — Charles Bridges