Enjoy God’s Blessing

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  • Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017
  • Speaker: Aaron Anderson
  • Series: Judges
  • Topic: Expository
  • Passage: Joshua 10:1–10:5

I.   Tola: An Obscure Man

“He was an obscure man from an obscure place and an obscure family. Nor does anything of much significance seem to have happened during his rule.” — Kent Hughes

II.  Jair: A Man Who Had It All 

“Rest and prosperity lull people into self-indulgence and a false sense of security. The bitter lessons of the past are soon forgotten. It is assumed that the good times will last forever and that no preparation for anything different is needed. People become self-focused and forgetful of God. They live in the present, with little thought to either the past or the future. The pursuit of the good life, which is thought of mainly in terms of material and social advancement, becomes an end in itself.” — Kent Hughes


Application: Use the good times to glorify God and prepare for the hard times.

  1. Give thanks in all circumstances. We forget that all of these blessings are from the Lord.
  2. Develop a life in God's Word. Read the Scriptures regularly/daily.
  3. Keep your eyes on Christ. When we drift, we need an anchor in our Savior.