Peace at All Times, in Every Way

2 Thessalonians banner

  • Date: Sunday, August 5, 2018
  • Speaker: Aaron Anderson
  • Series: 2 Thessalonians
  • Topic: Expository
  • Passage: 2 Thessalonians 3:16–3:18

God’s peace and grace keep us firmly planted in Christ as we face the challenges of living out our faith in this world.


  1. Jesus is the Lord of peace.


  1. Jesus gives peace to those who trust in him.

"Peace flows from sanctification, but they, being unregenerate, have nothing do with peace. They may have a truce but no peace. God may forebear the wicked awhile and stop the roaring of His cannon, but though there be a truce yet there is no peace. The wicked may have something that looks like peace, but it’s not. They may be fearless and stupid but there is a great difference between a stupefied conscience and a pacified conscience. This is the devil’s peace. He rocks men in the cradle of security. He cries ‘Peace, peace.’ when men are on the precipice of hell. The seeming peace a sinner has in not from the knowledge of his happiness, but the ignorance of his danger." — Thomas Watson


  1. Peace is always available.

"If we stand in the unshakeable grace of God (Romans 5:2), and if we are reconciled to God in unchangeable peace (Romans 5:1), then what is multiplied to us is an increased and deepened experience of grace and peace. This reality is not simply status. It is the overflow of status in serenity, strength, and sweetness." — John Piper.


"Hour by hour, and day by day, our enjoyment of grace and peace changes. It ebbs and flows. One moment we are carried by a wave of grace into a harbor of peace. An hour later, after a painful phone call, we are storm-tossed out of sight of land again. That is reality." — John Piper


  1. The presence of Jesus brings peace.


  1. The grace of our Lord Jesus enables us to live out our faith for the glory of God.