Ministry Teams

There are many opportunities to serve at Sovereign Grace Church. Besides meeting the needs of the church and allowing individual gifts to be used for the glory of God, these ministry teams provide contexts for growing together as a local body of Christ and reaching the community with the love of Christ. The primary requirement to join is a desire to serve. If you don't know where you'd best be suited, we'll help you explore the options. Below are listed the main areas where members of Sovereign Grace Church can choose to serve.

Greeting Team

The greeters are the front-runners of the Sunday morning meeting, responsible for welcoming guests, introducing them to other church members, and answering any questions they may have. Greeters seek to communicate the Gospel of Christ through their interactions with any who come to Sovereign Grace Church.

Bookstore Team

We set up a bookstore each Sunday morning with resources including books and music recommended by our pastors. The bookstore team sets up the bookstore each week, assists customers, and aids in sales.

Children's Ministry Team

The children's ministry team, which includes teaching and assisting roles, is responsible for coming alongside parents of Sovereign Grace Church in teaching our children about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each Sunday morning this team provides a safe environment for children to interact and learn.

Prayer Team

The prayer team meets each Sunday morning to pray for the pastors and congregation in preparation for worship and the preaching of the Word.

Set-up Team

Members of the set-up team are responsible for setting up the building and stage for the Sunday morning meeting as well as set-up for singles meetings, parent-teen meetings, or other special church events.

Usher Team

Our ushers provide a variety of services for the Sunday morning meeting. They collect the offering, serve communion, and are generally available to answer questions from guests or church members. They also ensure the building remains clean and orderly.

Photography Team

The photography team is charged with the task of capturing life at Sovereign Grace Church in all its many avenues. Whether of a normal Sunday meeting or a special church event, their photographs will serve as fond memories and fitting reminders of God's faithfulness throughout the history of our local church.

 Video Team

The video team produces slide shows and provides video services for our Sunday meetings as well as special events at Sovereign Grace Church.

Office Volunteers Team

Office volunteers provide administrative assistance to the permanent office staff of Sovereign Grace Church. Volunteers are welcome and appreciated at the office Tuesday through Friday to assist with various projects and tasks.

 Financial Counseling Team

This team helps our church members in the pursuit of biblical stewardship and financial management in our personal lives.

 Worship Team

The worship team leads the congregation in corporate worship each Sunday morning. This team includes instrumentalists and vocalists who desire to use their abilities to worship and glorify God.