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Travelogue: Pastors Conference 2016

Last week Aaron and I spent the week at the Sovereign Grace Pastors conference in Indianapolis. This is always a highlight of the year for my wife and me because of the way God uses the many different features of this conference to build our faith for the ministry to which He’s called us. ...Read More

Hell, Yes!

A top government official and presidential candidate is cited for what amounts to gross negligence in the handling of classified information and yet is charged with nothing. Radical Islamic terrorists regularly murder scores of innocent people in cities around the world with apparent impunity. Young children are molested by those whom they trust, leaving them with scars that last a lifetime. Elderly men and women, living on a fixed income, are bilked out of their life savings by greedy charlatans posing as would-be financial counselors....Read More

Hell, No!

Opponents of Christianity often cite churches preaching fire and brimstone as one of the reasons why they choose not to identify with organized religion. The irony is that talk of hell and its characteristics are rare these days. When is the last time you heard a sermon on hell? Anyone bring it up at your recent cookout…or bible study?...Read More

Why Mommy?

“Why, Mommy?” is a question regularly asked by countless children. Often, behind the question is a complaint against a thwarted desire, as in “Why can’t I do this?” I wonder how many times mothers have asked themselves the same question— but with a different meaning, as in “Why do I do this task of mothering? ...Read More

A Life to Live

The line of people extended out the door, down the sidewalk and into the already packed parking lot. Some of those waiting engaged in lively conversations punctuated by an occasional laugh. Others stood silently, as if in deep thought. Was this a line on Black Friday? One might have mistaken it for a voting station for the recent presidential primary. Actually, I’m describing the scene that greeted me when I attended a funeral recently....Read More

Turn to Prayer

We live in a culture largely influenced by technology. For many, the Internet has a near-omnipresent quality to it. It is always there when you need it, as long as you can get at least a few bars with your Wi-Fi. For example, if you need some advice......Read More


What image comes to mind when you hear the word "prophet"? Perhaps it’s an old man with a long white beard pointing his bony finger, warning of impending doom. Or you may think of Morpheus who is driven into virtual reality following the “prophecy” of the chosen one in the Sci-Fi movie The Matrix. ...Read More

Silent Night, Holy Night

The Christmas season is here. The world always seems a bit loud, but it feels like the sound guy just launched the volume level into the stratosphere. Gray Thursday leads to Black Friday with Cyber Monday bringing up the rear....Read More

Is This Seat Taken?

Have you ever experienced that awkward feeling when a person informs you that the seat in which you would like to sit is already taken? As polite as the individual may be, it is hard to escape that momentary sense that you have entered a space where you are not wanted....Read More

Why Wait?