Travelogue: Pastors Conference 2016

Last week Aaron and I spent the week at the Sovereign Grace Pastors conference in Indianapolis. This is always a highlight of the year for my wife and me because of the way God uses the many different features of this conference to build our faith for the ministry to which He’s called us.

Through passionate, expository preaching, we were reminded of and instructed on important truths such as the following: the authority of God’s Word in our lives, the high call to godliness, the role of suffering, the need for courageous preaching, and the critical need for pastors to be men of faith. The audio for all of the main sessions is available here.

Additionally, the conference included breakout sessions covering topics such as evangelism, discipleship, biblical counseling, and healthy pastoral teams. The wives had the privilege of listening to Susan Hunt, an author, pastor’s wife, and former Director of Women’s Ministries with the Presbyterian Church in America, who spoke on the topic of biblical womanhood.

During our time there, Aaron and I sought to be intentional in our pursuit of fellowship with other pastors, both in our Southeast region and beyond. Meals with these folks from across the country provided an opportunity to both give and receive much-needed personal care. The late night ”after meetings” were a context for invigorating theological discussions, plenty of laughter, and the encouragement that comes from shared experiences.

The kind of fellowship we experience at the Pastors Conference is a vivid reminder that none of us as pastors needs be alone in ministry. God has blessed us with relationships that go back many years. The effect of the conference, however, is not meant to be limited to pastors.

Each of us serves in local churches. Sovereign Grace Church of Woodstock is not an independent body; rather, we are part of a group of churches called Sovereign Grace Churches. Together, we are committed to advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ by planting and strengthening local churches around the globe. To learn more about our union of churches visit their website. The seven values that all Sovereign Grace Churches share are posted here.

It is an honor and a joy for Aaron and me to serve the people of Sovereign Grace Church of Woodstock. It is both humbling and faith building to see how God continues to allow us as a local body, along with our union with other local churches, to play a role in His plan of redemption!

~ For His Glory Alone,