A Warning to and About the Rich

James 5:1-6

“Do not envy ungodly rich people, for they will be judged by God.”

1. God is going to judge ungodly rich people.

“These words suggest a solemn, forgotten truth—that wealth is not an advantage, but rather a spiritual handicap.” —Kent Hughes

2. Ungodly rich people hoard their wealth.

“God has not appointed gold for rust, nor garments for moths; but, on the contrary, he has designed them as aids and helps to human life.”—John Calvin

“Wealth is be used in the service of others, not in the service of self. Wealth is to be used. We’re to be those who have in order to be those who give. In other words, we should never be living as well as we could. Unless we are living right on the poverty line, we should be giving to help meet the needs of others.” —Sam Allberry

3. Ungodly rich people take advantage of others.