Christ, the Founder of Salvation

Hebrews 2:5-18

PROP: Since Jesus was made like us in every respect, we can receive help from Him in our temptations as we look to him by faith.

  1. Jesus was made lower than the angels, for a time.

“Blessed is the man who knows to look away from all that he finds in himself of imperfection and failure and to look up and behold all the perfection and glory he finds in Jesus! Yes, blessed is the man who finds his delight and his life in meeting every disappointment and every difficulty with the blessed statement, ‘But we behold…Jesus…crowned with glory and honor.’”—Andrew Murray

  1. Jesus was made lower to suffer in our place.

“In saying that Jesus was made perfect, the author is not suggesting that Jesus was sinful (cf.4:15; 7:26) but that as he lived his life, his maturity and experience deepened, yet always with full obedience to the Father. As a human being, he needed to live his life and obey God (which he did perfectly) to become the perfect sacrifice for sins.” —ESV Study Bible