Faith in the Face of Impending Disaster & Loss

Habakkuk 3

• 1:1-4 Habakkuk’s 1st Complaint: “How long, Lord? Why don’t You do something?”
• 1:5-11 The Lord’s Answer: “I am! I’m sending the Babylonians!”
• 1:12-2:1 Habakkuk’s 2nd Complaint: “Wait a minute, Lord! They’re worse than we are!”
• 2:2-20 The Lord’s Answer: “It will surely happen; but the righteous shall live by faith.”

Three truths from Habakkuk that help us find solid ground in a crumbling world:
• God is always at work – in countless ways that we cannot see (1:5).
• The Lord is more committed to the purification of His people than the preservation of their nation.
• The righteous live – they endure – by faith in the person and promises of God (2:4).

A. Superscription (v.1)

B. Introductory Petition (v.2)
“Lord, I have heard of Your awesome deeds for Your people in the past! Would You do them again on our behalf? And in Your wrath against our sin, please be merciful to us.”

C. Poetic Celebration of God’s Saving Works in the Past (vv.3-15).
1. “Reviewing God’s help in the past – in order to renew our hope for the present.”
2. A “Theophany” (similar to Deut 33:2; Judges 5:4-5; Psalms 18:7-15; 77:16-19).
a. God’s glorious approach (vv.3-7).
b. God’s devastating acts of deliverance on behalf of His people, Israel (vv.8-15).

D. Expression of Trust in Light of Impending Judgment (vv.16-19).
1. Anticipation of God’s painful but loving discipline (v.16).
2. Acknowledgement of inevitable loss (v.17).
3. Affirmation of joyful trust (vv.18-19).

1. If the Lord takes away the America that you have loved for all these years, how will you respond? Will you turn on Him? Or will you turn toward Him and find all your hope and joy in Him?
2. Who/what are the “little Babylonians” that the Lord is presently bringing into your life? What are some “losses” you are currently experiencing (or could anticipate in the coming months & years)?
3. When Habakkuk 3:17 happens to you, what will your response be? How will you write your verses 18-19?