Grace and Peace to You

God’s grace is more abundant and powerful than our sins; therefore, we must live in the good of God’s grace.

  1. Paul’s Authority to Preach God’s Grace


  1. The Galatians, the Recipients of God’s Grace

“Paul’s saying, ‘You’ve made a mess of things, but all’s not lost! Go back to where you began: go back to grace. And there you’ll find just what you need—everything you need, the only thing you need. There you will find grace.’” —Todd Wilson

“The source of salvation is grace, God’s free favour, irrespective of any human merit or works, His loving-kindness to the undeserving.” —John Stott

“Salvation is not about what man can do; salvation is about what Christ has already done, and He has done everything necessary for our salvation.” —David Platt

“Think about it. If you were about to drink a glass of clean water, and then someone added a drop of poison to it, would you still drink it? It’s close to pure, right? No, it’s totally contaminated and undrinkable as soon as that drop of poison hits the water. It’s the same way with the gospel. If you tamper with and add anything to grace, you lose the whole gospel. This is why Paul opposes adding human work to the work of Christ for salvation.” —David Platt