Heirs According to Promise

How do we become “heirs” of this promise and receive this amazing inheritance?

1. What We Are Under the Law (23-24)

2. What We Are in Christ (25-29)

“In Christ Jesus we belong not only to God (as His sons) but to each other (as brothers and sisters). And we belong to each other in such a way as to render of no account the things which normally distinguish us, namely race, rank, and sex.” —John Stott

“We are equal, equal in our need of salvation, equal in our inability to earn or deserve it, and equal in the fact that God offers it to us freely in Christ. Once we have received it, our equality is transformed into fellowship, the brotherhood which only Christ can create.” —John Stott

“The gospel has radical social implications. It means I am a Christian before I am anyone or anything else. It means that all barriers that separate people in the world into warring factions come down in Christ.” —Tim Keller