Let Your Reasonableness Be Known to All

Philippians 4:5

Let your reasonableness be known to all!

  1. What does it mean to be reasonable?

“It refers to the exact opposite of a spirit of contention and self-seeking, which is why the NIV opts for “gentleness.” But this gentleness must not be confused with being a wimp, with the kind of person whose personality is akin to a wet dishcloth. What is in view is a certain kind of willed, self-effacing kindness.”—Don Carson

“A humble, patient steadfastness, which is able to submit to injustice, disgrace and maltreatment without hatred or malice, trusting God in spite of it all.” – Peter O’Brien (NIGTC)

  1. Whom should we be reasonable toward?


  1. Why should we be reasonable?