Living the Good Life

1. A good life is lived out with the end in view.

“Death is an enemy (1 Cor.15:26), but also an evangelist. Death ‘is the great mentor for diligence, sobriety, love, generosity, reverence, and humility. Death forces the most profound questions to be asked, but mercilessly mocks those who sleep through its lessons.’ Death is like a detox-clinic. It sobers us up! It is not the emotionally abusive father (‘You’ll never amount to anything’), but rather the effective drill sergeant (‘Attention! Move out. Time is short. Get to a funeral. Sit there. Think.’)” —Douglas O’Donnell

2. A good life is shaped by wise people.

3. A good life will patiently wait on the Lord.

4. A good life will value wisdom.

“True spiritual wisdom gives us spiritual vitality as long as we live, and when it comes time for us to die, it will lead us to everlasting life.” — Philip Ryken