No Other Gospel

1. The Galatians were turning to a different gospel.

“The Galatians had come to Christ and put on the robes of righteousness and were now trying to turn back to the trash can to retrieve their old clothes of works-based religion.” —David Platt

2. The false teachers were troubling the Galatians and distorting the gospel.

“While morality can keep you out of jail, it cannot keep you out of hell. If morality could save you, then Jesus did not need to die.” —David Platt

3. Paul issues a warning to all false teachers.

4. Holding fast to the gospel will put us at odds with this world.

“If your goal in life is to be liked, then you will not be a faithful and fruitful Christian. I am not implying you should be a jerk. I am merely pointing out that followers of Jesus experience opposition. If people despised Jesus, some will despise you as His follower. You need to aspire to something greater than being cool. Aspire to being faithful.” —David Platt