Patiently Waiting for Jesus to Return

2 Peter 3:11-14

Since Jesus is coming back to judge the wicked and reward the godly, then we should live godly lives as we patiently wait for his return.
  1. As we wait for Jesus’s return, we are to pursue holiness.

“For Peter it’s a no brainer: if the end of the world is coming, and the present heavens and earth are going to be destroyed, and Jesus is coming back to judge the living and dead, then it just makes sense that his readers should respond by living godly lives.” —Jim Shaddix

“Evidently, while we’re made righteous because of Christ’s righteousness, our practical righteousness will have at least some bearing on our eternal reward.” —Jim Shaddix

“Look, beloved, there are a lot of things for you to do while you wait. There are manifold opportunities to be productive. A waiting life is filled with varied splendor and activity. So get about all your holiness and godliness.” —David Helm

  1. As we wait for Jesus’s return, we live today with this final day in view.

“Many people are putting water filters on their sinks or air purifiers in their homes. The reason for this is clear: that which is coming into their home contains some sediment from the earth. In the same way, Christians in waiting purify themselves from taking in the sins of the world. We filter our lives with diligent obedience to God’s Word.” —David Helm