Run the Race of Faith to the Very End

2 Peter 3:14-18

“Our greatest danger from the world’s opposition is not persecution, it’s apostasy. It is not imprisonment or even death, it is falling away.” —Kevin DeYoung

  1. We must stay on guard and reject false teaching.”

“Apostasy happens when someone lets their guard down, so they end up being swept away by ‘error’ taught by rebellious false teachers, and, thereby, fall away.” — Jim Shaddix

  1. We must continue to grow in our faith.

“Grace is the amazing gift of God’s resources given to believers in order that they might live out the gospel. It’s the foundation of the Christian life, and Scripture constantly and consistently call us to grow in it, to be nurtured in it, and to be strengthened by it.” —Jim Shaddix

“Growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ is absolutely essential for maturing in Christ and warding off false teaching.” — Jim Shaddixx