Sowing and Reaping

Living in the good of the gospel means that we must trust God each day of our lives, and by faith we must seek to sow to the spirit instead of the flesh.

1. We will reap what we sow.

“The image of sowing-reaping indicates that the process of moral consequences is much more natural and organic than that. Paul’s reference to natural agriculture indicates that the moral universe has processes. Sin against God sets up strains in the fabric of the moral/spiritual universe, just as eating fatty foods sets up strains in the physical fabric of your heart. If you sow seed poorly, you reap a poor crop (and poverty). If you eat fatty foods, you reap a poor heart (and early death.) If you give into your sinful nature, you reap spiritual breakdown and destruction.” —Tim Keller

“So how can we be someone who ‘sows to please the Spirit’ (v 8)? By obeying God out of the grateful joy that comes from knowing our status as children of God. When we do that, the idols which control our lives are disempowered and we are free to live for God.” —Tim Keller

2. When we grow tired, we must not give up, but instead continue to trust in Jesus and continue to sow seeds to the Spirit.


3. As the Lord gives us opportunities, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are in the church.