Stand Firm in the True Grace of God

1 Peter 5:12-14

Since we have received the gospel of God’s grace, let us then stand firm in it.

  1. Understanding the True Grace of God

“The entire Christian life is one of grace—God’s daily bestowal of blessings, strength, help, forgiveness, and fellowship with himself, all of which we need, none of which we deserve. All is of grace, every day. From continual trust in that grace and from continual obedience empowered by it, Christians must not move; rather, they must stand fast in it until their death.” —Wayne Grudem

  1. Standing Firm in the Grace of God

“We stand firm knowing that while the world may take everything away from us, it cannot take our glorious identity or our imperishable future because we are elect exiles, set apart by the Holy Spirit for the salvation accomplished by Christ and now on our way home. —Juan Sanchez

  1. Living Together in the Grace of God