The Bitterness of Life Under the Sun

Living life apart from God is an unhappy life, therefore we must trust in God and find our hope in Jesus Christ.

1. God can give you everything this world has to offer, but if he doesn’t give you the power to enjoy it, you will never be satisfied!

“Without God, we will still be discontent. It is only when we keep him at the center of our existence that we experience real joy in the gifts that God may give. The fear of the Lord is not just the beginning of knowledge; it is the source of satisfaction.” —Phillip Ryken

2. It’s better to never have been born than to live a life without being satisfied.

“If this life is all, and offers to some people frustration rather than fulfillment, leaving them nothing to pass on to those who depend on them; if, further, all alike are waiting their turn to be deleted, then some indeed can envy the stillborn, whose turn comes first.” —Derek Kidner

3. Once we think something will satisfy us, our cravings for something more will increase.

“Usually, we think we can find satisfaction in everything that life has to offer—food, drink, music and beauty, family and friends. Yet desire is a tramp. Never content to stay at home, it always wants to go out wandering. Our desires are always traveling, but never arriving.” —Phillip Ryken

4. Life under the sun appears to be the same old thing.