The Rise of a False Prophet

I.  Introduction

A.  The Approach of This Message

B.  The Goal of this Message – Redemptive Discernment

II.  Subject of Our Case Study:  Dr. Willie Parker, M.D.

A.  Parker’s Testimony of Christian Witness & Its Decay

B.  Destructive Heresy:  Defending Child Murder as an Expression of God’s Sacrificial Love and Justice

C.  The Signs of the False Prophet

D.  Following in the Way of Balaam

E.   Our Response to the False Prophet

III.  Impact on the Body of Christ and Our Response

A.  The Gospel Shapes the Perseverance of the Saints

B.  Warning:  Holding to the Teaching of Balaam

C.  The Gospel Command:  Repent and Return

IV.  Closing Comments

V.  Corporate Prayer