Truth and Love

Since Jesus Christ is the truth that sets us free and gives us eternal life, we must love the truth and live out our lives in this truth as we seek to love one another.

  1. Love for others is rooted and grounded in the truth.

“Grace describes all that God has done for us in Christ that we did not deserve. Mercy is God not giving us all we do deserve! Peace is the resulting state we have with God and with others that results from the application of God’s grace and mercy in our lives.” —David Allen

  1. We must walk in the truth.
  2. We must embrace the truth and reject the lies.
  3. The truth is we need to see one another face to face.

“Distance sometimes makes written communication necessary. But no amount of smiley faces attached to a sentence in an email or a text can take the place of the warm smile of a human face. Ink cannot put an arm around someone’s shoulder and console, encourage, or rebuke. There is no substitute for personal Christian fellowship. We all need each other in the local church!” —David Allen