Agree in the Lord

Philippians 4:1-3

“The church looks more like a bunch of fighting street orphans than sons and daughters sitting peaceably at the family table. It is no wonder that the world is little convinced of our ‘Good News.’ Nor does it surprise us when the world points and says, ‘The problem with Jesus is that he had disciples’ (Bertrand Russell), or ‘If Christ were here now, there is one thing he wouldn’t be—a Christian’ (Mark Twain). Such cutting remarks are not limited to grumpy, old atheists. The witness of the church before a watching world has turned such individual sentiments into national proverbs. For example, there is a French proverb that observes, “He who is near the church is often far from God.” And a German proverb remarks, “In the visible church the true Christians are invisible.” – Alfred Poirier, The Peacemaking Pastor

Stand firm in the Lord by standing together in the gospel.

  1. Stand firm in the Lord.
  2. Stand together in the gospel.