Encouragement in Christ’s Victory

1 Peter 3:18-22

Why is it better to suffer for doing good rather than for doing evil?

  1. Jesus has already walked the road marked with righteous suffering.

“Jesus walked the path marked with righteous suffering all the way to his death on the cross, and in doing so, he blazed the trail for us to follow. His cross opened the way to relationship with God eternally.” —Juan Sanchez

  1. Suffering for doing good is the pathway to vindication and glory.

“The waters of baptism, like the waters of the flood, demonstrate that destruction is at hand, but believers are rescued from these waters in that they are baptized with Christ, who has also emerged from the waters of death through his resurrection. Just as Noah was delivered through the stormy waters of the flood, believers have been saved through the stormy waters of baptism by virtue of Christ’s triumph over death.” —Thomas Schreiner

“Baptism is a beautiful picture of our cleansing from sin; our union with Christ; and of our rescue from God’s judgment. Baptism is a public identification with Christ where we confess our faith, acknowledge that through Christ’s life and death we enjoy a “good conscience” —that is, his conscience—and where we pledge to God and the church that we will live in a manner worthy of the gospel.” —Juan Sanchez

Since God vindicated Jesus, we can have confidence that we too will be vindicated by God in the end.