Encouragement to Endure

It is better to live with Christ as Lord and suffer than to live in comfort and never live or speak of him.

  1. Endure suffering by being a blessing to others.

“Peter is saying: As you seek to bless even as you suffer, you can know that you are walking toward your inheritance. It is as you live the Christian life that you can look forward to life with Christ. We suffer well now not in order to be a Christian, but because we are a Christian—because we know our inheritance awaits us.” — Juan Sanchez

“Peter calls us to live in a way that gives evidence that we are who we say we are, because God will reward those whose lives proved faithful, and judge those who remained in their sins (3:12). As we endure righteous suffering—blessing others, turning away from evil and doing good, pursuing peace—we can rest assured that God will bless us with our future inheritance.” — Juan Sanchez

  1. Endure suffering for the sake of the mission to reach the lost.

“Christians must exchange the fear of men for the fear of the Lord.” — Edmund Clowney