Faith That Does Work (Part II)

James 2:20-26

Since genuine saving faith is revealed by our goods works, then we must make sure our faith is accompanied by good works.

  1. Abraham’s faith was revealed by his good works.

“His faith and his actions were working together”—his actions ‘complete’ his faith. His faith was seen in his obedience. The kind of faith that had been credited to Abraham as righteousness years before in Genesis 15 now produced this act of obedience in Genesis 22—the kind of act only a man of faith would perform, the kind of act that causes the doer to be ‘considered righteous.’” —Sam Allberry

  1. Rahab’s faith was revealed by her good works.

“She doesn’t just offer a parting, ‘I hope it all works out for you guys’; she lives her life in the light of the reality she now understands to be true. She demonstrates and proves her faith by what she does.” —Sam Allberry

“Professions of faith—claims to be trusting in Christ and believing in God—can look superficially impressive, and even move us. But without deeds, they are no more vibrant than a dead body awaiting the grave.” —Sam Allberry