Faith That Doesn’t Work

James 2:14-20

“We do not always live what we say we believe—but we do always believe what we live out.” —Sam Allberry

Genuine faith in Jesus Christ is a faith that produces godly fruit in a person life.

“Our words sound fine, while our lack of actions shout: I don’t really mean this.” —Sam Allberry

“Being presented with such a need, possessing the means to help meet that need, and yet not doing so is, once again, worse than useless. It is a sign of a lifeless, false faith. Deedless Christianity is dead Christianity. It is counterfeit. Faith that has no impact on behavior is not authentic Christian faith. Real faith acts. Real love does. And in particular, real faith serves and cares for others, especially fellow believers. —Sam Allberry

“Pleased with your right understanding of who God is? Congratulations,you are at the precisely the same level as the demons.” —Sam Allberry