Fear God

Religion is meaningless without a proper fear of God; therefore, we must seek to worship God with a proper fear of him.

1. Listening and obeying God is far better than going through the motions of offering meaningless sacrifices to God.

“Worship has to do with whether you obey the revealed will of God laid out in the Bible. You can come to as many worship gatherings as you want and raise your hands high in the air, but if you cannot obey God’s Word, then you have a worship problem.” —Daniel Akin

2. Praying with humility to God is far better than trying to manipulate God with our words.

“The problem is that we think God can be manipulated like that. The answer to your prayer does not depend on what you say, how you ask it, how many words you use, or ever the formality or casualness of your words. Rather, it depends on a heavenly Father who knows what is best for you. We have nothing to barter with or to offer God. We just ask with humble hearts, and we trust that how He answers is best.” —Daniel Akin

3. Not making a promise to God is far better than making a promise to God and not keeping it.

4. True worship of God is rooted and grounded in a genuine fear of God.