Two Is Better Than One

Jesus suffered and died alone on a cross to save us so that we could live in real relationships with one another.

1. Solomon saw that there was no one to comfort the oppressed.

“Then and now, oppression is an awful evil. ‘Under the sun’ many people live
‘under the thumb’ of abusive husbands, gang leaders, mobsters, and dictators. Think of the genocides of Bosnia and Rwanda, the ideological purges of Darfur, the attacks and suppressions of Islamic terrorists, the sexual abuse and slavery of children, the unborn child with no voice (not even the mother’s voice) to cry out to spare her life.” —Phillip Ryken

2. Solomon saw that envy of others motivated people to work.

“He is the picture of complacency and unwitting self-destruction, for this comment on him points out a deeper damage than the wasting of his capital. His idleness eats away not only what he has but what he is: eroding his self-control, his grasp of reality, his capacity for care and, in the end, his self-respect.” —Derek Kidner

3. Solomon saw that greedy people are lonely people.

4. Solomon saw that it can be lonely at the top.