Gospel Unity

The gospel of Jesus Christ frees us to live in unity with one another; therefore, we must live in the good of this freedom and unity with one another.

1. Paul went back to Jerusalem.

2. The gospel of Jesus Christ unites the church by faith alone.

“It was one thing for the Jerusalem leaders to give their approval of the conversion of Gentiles: but could they approve of conversion-without-circumcision, of faith in Jesus without the works of the law, and of commitment to the Messiah without inclusion in Judaism? Was their vision big enough to see the gospel of Christ not as a reform movement within Judaism but as good news for the whole world, and the church of Christ not as a Jewish sect but as the international family of God?”—John Stott

“So the acceptance of Titus by Jewish believers was a vivid illustration of this principle, that an individual becomes spiritually clean and acceptable through Christ, and not through any deeds or rituals. We need to keep repeating this truth to ourselves and each other, just the New Testament did. Gentiles could become full members of the people of God without becoming Jewish in custom or culture. The acceptance of Titus was a radical public statement of the implications of the gospel.” —Tim Keller

3. The gospel of Jesus Christ frees us to live for Christ.

4. The gospel of Jesus Christ calls for us to remember the poor.