Paul Opposes Peter

“Our fidelity to the truth of the gospel is constantly under threat from hypocrisy. Most often when we fail to live out the truth of the gospel, we’ve veered off into hypocrisy. So, in order to stay faithful to the gospel, you and I must be vigilant in our fight against hypocrisy’s menacing presence.” —Todd Wilson

Since salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone, we must seek to keep our conduct in step with the truth of the gospel.

  1. Hypocrisy masks our true convictions.
  2. Hypocrisy is rooted in the fear of man or people-pleasing.
  3. Hypocrisy is serious.

“It needs human interaction to survive; indeed it spreads and thrives on contact. And when it finds the right environment, hypocrisy can go viral and infect a whole community. … Most people are easily infected by hypocrisy. Most of us, like the rest of the Jews in Antioch, need just a bit of exposure and the virus will spread.” —Todd Wilson