Live Free

Since we have been set free by Jesus Christ alone, we must stand firm in Christ alone.

1. Jesus has set us free for freedom.

“Legalism is treating that which is good as though it were essential. Whenever Christians turn something valuable into something ultimate, legalism is at work and freedom is forfeited. On the other hand, we preserve our freedom in Christ when what is essential to God is essential to us, and everything else is kept in its place.” —Todd Wilson

“Many Christians come from legalistic backgrounds. They grew up in churches where it seemed like almost everything was ultimately important except that which in fact was.” —Todd Wilson

“We are free from the penalty of sin (justification). We do not have to live with a sense of being unacceptable to God. Christ has made us acceptable. Christ alone is perfect, and we must rest in his perfect work performed on our behalf. We must not revert to works-based righteousness.” —David Platt

2. When Jesus is not our priority, we lose our freedom.

“All we’ll have is our sinful, silly, little, dissatisfied self, which isn’t all that much comfort.” —Todd Wilson

3. In our freedom, we wait for the hope of righteousness.

“Here’s where we see such a stark contrast with the way of the legalist. For when we think of a legalist, we don’t think of someone filled with hope, eagerly waiting for God to work, trusting in the promises of Jesus, and relying upon the power of the Spirit. Instead, we think of someone who worries rather than waits, someone who strives rather than rests, someone who depends upon his own resources rather than resting in the sufficiency of Jesus.” —Todd Wilson