Run the Race Well

The Christian life is a race that we are called to run by faith in Jesus Christ alone so that we might run this race with endurance, by obeying the truth and finishing well.

1. There will be hindrances to our faith in Jesus that we will need to identify and get rid of.

“A little bad influence can do great damage to our ability to run the race. We need to put some distance between us and that person; we need to have a blunt conversation with him or her; we may even need to part ways to avoid being weighed down any further by that person’s influence.” —Todd Wilson

2. Running the race of faith well doesn’t mean it will be easy for us.

“The pushback, Paul says, never goes away if you’re faithful to the gospel and the cross of Christ. The only way to remove all pushback is to stop obeying the gospel.” —Todd Wilson