Pray for Growth

Since we are weak spiritually, we must ask God to strengthen us spiritually.

1. We must pray to God our Father.

“Christians belong to this world-wide, history-long, heaven and earth family, all sharing one and the same God and Father! “—Sinclair Ferguson

2. We must pray that God our Father would strengthen our hearts.

“Christ Jesus has won our pardon; he has reconciled us to God; he has canceled our sin; he has secured the gift of the Holy Spirit for us, he has granted eternal life to us and promises us the life of the consummation; he has made us children of the new covenant; his righteousness has been accounted as our; he has risen from the dead; and all of God’s sovereignty is mediated through him and directed to our good and to God’s glory. This is the Son who God sent to redeem us. In God’s all-wise plan and all-powerful action, all these blessings have been won by his son’s odious death and triumphant resurrection. All the blessings God has for us are tied up with the work of Christ.” —D.A. Carson

“His presence, as the Lord of all, is too weighty, too intensely holy and too grand for any of us to bear. If we are amazed that the manger in the stable could have held the Lord of all creation, it should be even more amazing to us that Christ himself comes to dwell in us. Yet he does.” —Sinclair Ferguson

3. We must pray that God our Father would strengthen our minds.

4. We must pray to God our Father in faith.