Standing Firm in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Philippians 1:27-30

We are called not only to believe in Christ but also to live for Christ.

  1. We must live for Christ always.

“To conduct ourselves ‘in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ’ therefore does not suggest we should try harder in order to secure something, but argues that because something has already been secured for us we should try harder out of gratitude and out of frank recognition that this is what the gospel has saved us for.” —Don Carson

  1. We must live for Christ together.

“The command to stand firm was ‘used to indicate the duty of the soldier in battle, or to describe the taking of a position vis-à-vis that of an adversary.’ Like soldiers on a battlefield, they must not yield an inch of ground no matter how hard their adversaries press against them.” —Walter Hansen

“A well-trained army presents a united front and fights as a single unit when the soldiers are fighting side by side as one person. Paul’s image of striving together with one soul conveys the ideal of such unity among Christians that they are no longer striving as separate individuals but striving together as one person.” —Walter Hansen

  1. We must live for Christ with confidence.