The Gospel Wellspring of Kindness, Humility & Forgiveness

Colossians 3:12-13

I.  The Wellspring of Grace: How has God dealt with us?

A.  We are God’s chosen ones. (Deut 7:6-8 and Eph 1:4)

B.  We are God’s holy ones. (Col 1:2 and 1 Cor 1:2)

C.  We are God’s beloved ones. (Deut 10:14-15; Isaiah 62:3-5; 1 John 3:1; John 17:23)

D.  We are God’s forgiven ones.

II.  The Wellspring Overflowing: How are we to respond to others?

A.  Compassion & kindness

B.  Humility & gentleness

C.  Patience, forbearance & forgiveness

III.  Drinking and Overflowing

  1. Are you drinking daily from the gospel wellspring of God’s grace?
  2. Is that wellspring overflowing toward others?