The Miserable Prophet

“Cliffhangers are devices used to add suspense and anticipation by adding a plot twist into a plot-line. Cliffhangers occur at the end of chapters or even at the end of books. This is done intentionally presenting a complicating event or plot twist that is left unresolved. Cliffhangers increase reader engagement with the material by making readers wonder what will come next.” — Woodhead Publishing


1. Jonah went out of the city to sit to watch over the city.

2. The Lord graciously comforted Jonah.

3. The Lord graciously took away Jonah’s comfort.

“The lesson is that it is always God with whom we have to do, as he sovereignly appoints even the little details of our lives.” —Richard Phillips

4. The Lord questioned Jonah.


  • Do you really love God with all our your heart, soul, mind and strength, or do you just love the things that God does for you?
  • Do you recognize that you are not in charge of ruling and reigning over this world, but God is?
  • Do you count it a joy when you meet various trials knowing that it is God who is at work in them for your good growing you in your faith?
  • Do you find yourself amazed at God’s grace in your life, that he would send his only Son, Jesus, into this world to die on a cross to save you?
  • Do you recognize that this same grace that he has given to you is also being offered to the people all around you in this world?
  • Will you trust in yourself and your own understanding, or will lay down your life, pick up your cross and follow Jesus?